sump pump discharge layout

Sump Pump Discharge Line Installation

If your house has a basement or a crawl space, it likely has a sump pump.  As seen in the drawing, your home typically has a drain around the basement foundation that collects ground water, and gravity drains it to the sump pit.  From there, it is pumped up and out of the house.


The Problem

Often times, we see customers sump discharge lines just dump out right at the house, or out of a pipe that floods the yard.  This can lead to the water making its way right back to the pit it was pumped out of.  This just causes unneccesary erosion to the foundation and causes the pump top run constantly.  It also creates a spot in the yard that is constantly wet and soggy.

improper sump discharge

The Solution

Hire Dirthouse Industries to excavate, and install a discharge line away from the house to a nearby drain tile, swell, creek, curb drain, etc.  Where the water gets sent to will vary depending on your location, and may require a drainage permit.

sump pump drain line

Sump Pump Discharge Freeze Protection

It is very important when installing a sump discharge line to plumb a freeze protector to prevent the line from backing up and flooding the basement or crawl space.